Watermelons are rich in electrolytes and water content that beat summer thirst and make your metabolism work efficiently.

Egypt Considered one of Major producer Watermelons which featured by its very large sizes , smooth and the edible part is usually red pinkish color. Watermelon is the yummy, flavored fruit and it contains 90% water that we usually have during summer in sort to keep our bodies hydrated and re-energized. Watermelon is rich in vitamins and minerals. It gives energy production, fights heart disease, and reduces the risk of cancer.

Product Specifications : 

H.S Code: 080710

Season : Middle of April up to End of July 



Crispy Seedless ( Yellow and Red )

Sizes & Package: 

  • 4 Pieces. 20 Kg Standard cartons
  • 2 Pieces. 10 Kg Standard Cartons

  • 500kgs Bins (Jumbo box )