the best technology IQF is using for freezing strawberry. Thus strawberry is collected ton late then 24 hours before process beginning. Strawberry freezing process is lasting 30 min.  

Season: February – November

Sort: Frozen Strawberry IQF 

Variety : Florida , Festival 

Size: 15 – 22мм, 22 – 26мм, 26 – 35мм

Class: 1 and 2

Delivery: Sea (Ocean)

Container: 40’HQ REF

Carton boxes: 2.400pcs.

Net weight in plastic box: 2,5kg.

Net weight in carton box: 10kg.

Boxes on each pallet: 120pcs.

Pallet: 20pcs.

Container Net weight: 24 MT

Container Gross weight: 25 MT

Storage after delivery: 12 months with the temperature from -20 to -18ºС  

Certificates: Health Certificate, IQF Certificate, Certificate of Origin and if necessary SGS Certificate